JURF PLASTIC Company specialized in the field of plastic industries, providing it’s services through two lines, the first industrial is JURF Flex™, where the company has a special factory for manufactures the flexible plastic pipes.

The second line is JURF Raw™ as a marketing business, where the company provides raw materials for the needs of its customers from the various Libyan plastic manufacturers.


JURF Flex™ is the range of pre-cabled pliable, corrugated, ready to use pipes for all types of electrical systems. The use of JURF Flex™ eliminates the task of threading the wires and therefore requires 50% less installation time.

JURF PLASTIC is leading factory in manufacturing of this type of pipe inside Libya, offers a variety of different specifications, manufactured according to the latest global industrial standards.


JURF PLASTIC is a major importer of the PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) in Libya.

PVC is used in a wide variety of consumer, commercial and industrial products that people around the world rely on every day. Polymers are used to make products that cannot be made from materials such as wood, steel, glass or aluminium.


Polyolefins are a family of polymers derived from propylene and ethylene. They form tough, flexible plastics with a large variety of uses from rigid materials for refrigerators, computers and car parts to industrial food packaging. Some polyolefin products have heat-resistant properties that make them ideal for use in packaging microwaveable food, while others melt easily for use in heat-sealable wrapping.

Why choose JURF PLASTIC?

Our top features are:

Integrated "Factory & Supplier"

Our company operates as a manufacturer and trading company integrated, where we have the ability to pipes flexible plastic manufacturing, and which are used in electrical wiring, and the ability to supply and sale of raw materials for various kinds of plastic industries, depending on market demand and domestic consumer in Libya.

The Trust

Thanks to God and thanks to the trust of our customers and the presence of an integrated team of knowledgeable and has extensive experience in the field of Plastic industry has become the company’s ability to meet all the needs and requirements of customers in all categories with high quality and suitable prices.

Principle & Responsibility

Our work is simple: Principle, Responsibility and the spirit of mutual respect to all the customers and staff.

Competitive Prices

We offer products at competitive prices designed specifically to work agrees with your financial capabilities and future meet your needs by providing counseling by qualified engineers.